About Live Act Productions


Incredible Music Events

Live Act provides a complete music experience for outdoor shows and festivals.  From stage production to ticket sales, we offer your venue the ability to achieve their production and attendance goals.,  


Focus on The Performance

With Live Act Production's Music Group division, Live Act Music Group, musicians and bands can bring their energy and focus to making music, not constantly working on  marketing strategies to the fans.  

From social media content to logo development, from schedule communications to stage technology, the roads to success for a musician include more than just producing songs, it includes a daily and weekly ritual of producing  material outside of music.  Live Act Productions is a partner for your success.  See www.LiveActMusicGroup.com for more information


Live Act Technology Solutions

High Definition Video and MultiTrack Audio  are at the forefront of the Live Act Production technical solutions.  From advanced Midas-based audio recordings to capture the raw essence of your performance we have recording solutions for any environment.

Video Recordings are critical to the success of any artist today and in the future.  Live Act has integrated video technology allowing recording in 4k High Definition Video but also the technology to stream this HD video across  YouTube and any social media platform.

About Us

Create the ultimate Concert


Whether it be Country, Rock, Blues, or Americana music, the production of a Live Event takes the experience and knowledge of Live Act Productions.  From Event Management to stage PA to Ticket Sales, Live Act offers full production and operation support.

Increase Music Streaming Revenue


Marketing plans for New Releases includes Radio Play , Media Interviews and an Excitement and Buzz around your Music!

Get Bigger and Better Paying Bookings


Give Booking Agents and Venues a great demo to show how well your performance can fill their seats.  Give them an exciting portfolio in an EPK that really shows off your talents!  See www.LiveActMusicGroup.com for more information on Live Act's Music Group.