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Live Act Productions

Professional Live Performance Management and Support

About Live Act Productions


Market your Music and Brand

Marketing brings your success as a musician to your fans with abundant content and excitement about your music.   The ability to have a trustworthy marketing partner that can provide your current fans and future fans great material and delivered constantly.  Taking your music to the next level is what Live Act does!


Focus on Your Music

With Live Act Productions, musicians and bands can bring their energy and focus to making music, not constantly bring marketing messages to your fans.  The daily and constant requirements to add content to social platforms and to websites takes away from developing new material and the ability to produce exciting material.


A Partner for Your Success Your Performance

From social media content to logo development, from schedule communications to stage technology, the roads to success for a musician include more than just producing songs, it includes a daily and weekly ritual of producing  material oitside of music.  Live Act Productions is a partner for your success.


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About Us

Grow your Fan Base and Followers


Increasing your followers on social media platforms and increasing traffic on your website will provide a base of information for your fans..

Increase Music Streaming Revenue


Marketing plans for New Releases includes Radio Play and Access, Media Interviews and an Excitement and Buzz around your Music!

Get Bigger and Better Paying Bookings


Give Booking Agents and Venues a great demo to show how well your performance can fill their seats.  Give them an exciting portfolio in an EPK that really shows off your talents!